The project

Soy Capaz is a handmade bracelet created by Viva as a fund-raising item for Fundación Ana Bella, a non-profit organization that helps women escape from gender-based violence environments.

As co-founder of Viva, I coordinated and actively participated in every aspect of the production of this bracelet: product management, design of the final product and its packaging, product photography and marketing.


When we first founded Viva, our main goal was that each and every one of our product categories helped bolster an specific cause, mainly related with women empowerment though not exclusively.

Oddly enough, it was not easy to find a foundation dedicated to help women in violent environments, even thought this one is located in our community.

After months of production, we finally launched the bracelet and I’m proud enough to say it has been a big success.

The brand

Viva for Fundación Ana Bella.



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