The project

Every weekend, Instagram asks its users to participate in the Weekend Hashtag Project, a photo-and-video challenge with a specific topic. Of all submissions around the world, 9 are chosen to be featured in their blog and profile.

That saturday I shot some photos at the Chinese New Year’s parade, where the Chinese community in Barcelona merge with the local culture. Back home, I posted the images on my Instagram profile (with the hashtag #WHPLocalStory), and on monday, I started getting a lot of notifications on my phone. One of my photos had been chosen.

This is the text I uploaded along with the images:

At some point of history, people from #Catalunya thought it may be fun to dare gravity and build huge human castles, or as they call them, «Castells». It turns out they were right, it is definitely a lot of fun, and a very interesting manifestation of the #culture of this part of the world.
The castells are built by people of all ages that conform a very united group of fellows called «castellers», and they follow the tradition of building #Castells festival after festival since the 18th century. They even compete against other #castellers at assembling the tallest human castles.

@UNESCO also thought Castells are a lot of fun, and declared them one of the Masterpieces of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010.




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