I won’t deny that everything related to Japanese culture is very inspiring. Actually I love manga, and sometimes I do feel tempted to imitate the Japanese drawing style or try illustrate something about their lifestyle. I mean, why not? Everyone does it, right? Well… that’s not the way I feel.

I look around and I see myself surrounded by such a rich culture. Spain is so picturesque, and their lifestyle should be considered Unesco’s intangible cultural heritage. So, why is that I’m looking for inspiration somewhere else when there’s so much right here?

The sole experience of going to a bar for a cup of coffee is mesmerizing. The noise, the people that come and go, their stories, how every element has its place and its role and moves erratically in this chaotic dance. How everything works perfectly.

I didn’t completely quit looking for inspiration in other cultures, but I’ll definitively use the Spanish culture in my illustrations even more now.

That’s the story behind this watercolor I did for Inktober 2018.



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