Hace algunos meses, realicé el primer boceto de esta ilustración como parte de un encargo. Hoy he querido compartir mi propia versión de aquel dibujo en un clima de convulsión en mi país. [...]

Pain Scale

  A few months ago, I was commissioned to design a pain chart showing the most common plastic surgery procedures from the less to the most painful ones. This time, and after a goosebumping [...]

Winter Outfit

  It’s been 19 days since we started 2019, and I’ve been sick for at least 9 of them. That means that I’ve been in a rope for literally half a year. Here is an illustration [...]

Inktober2018. Day 3.

  I’m such a mess. I finally decided to complelety quit watercolors this time, but couldn’t come up with an illustration for the word Roasted that I actually liked. At the end, I [...]


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